The Zuikaku is the lead vessel of the Shokaku-class aircraft carriers built immediately before the war. It is Saint Celestine's lucky ship.

Record of Movement Edit

6 December 1941: Part of the combined fleet en route to Oahu, Hawaii.

7-8 December 1941: Attack on Pearl Harbor

21 December 1941: Arrives at Truk.

5 January 1942: Operating in the Celebes Sea.

18 January 1942: Operates in the Solomon Sea, disrupting allied shipping.

22 January 1942: Continues to the Coral Sea.

24 January 1942: En route home for restocking.

3 February 1942: Raids Dutch holding in the East Indies while transiting through Ceres Sea.

5 February 1942: Continuing operations in the Java Sea.

7 February 1942: Continuing to Indian Ocean south of Java.

9 February 1942: Continuing commerce raiding in Timor Sea.

10 February 1942: Raid on Darwin, Australia, heavily damaging transport liners Aorangi and the Empress' Australia.

12 February 1942: Supports attack on Port Moresby.

16 February 1942: Refueling at Rabaul.

17 February 1942: En route to Japan for re-equipment.

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